Officers serve for a two year term and elected by the Association.

Officers, Appointees and Board

Sonny Cudabac
President Elect
Tom Darden
Joyce Keith
Clair Redmond


Carole Patton


Obituaries and Email notification

Sonny Cudabac




National Forest Service Retirement Association Representative


Malcolm Gramley II


Join Our Association
​Nancy Sorrells (2020)
Don Hansen (2021)​​
Dave Jolly (2022)



Board of Directors
Editor "The Dixie Ranger"
Thurman Harp
Nominations and Event Planning
Nancy Sorrells


Web Master, Membership and Assistant Treasurer

Alan Pigg

Officers and Directors  –  2020


Officers                                                     Directors                                      Appointees


President: Sonny Cudabac                 Nancy Sorrells (2020)               Historian: Carole Patton      


President-elect: Tom Darden            Don Hansen (2021)                   NFSRA: Mac Gramley      


Treasurer: Clair Redmond                   Dave Jolly (2022)                       Obits/ Email: Sonny Cudabac        


Secretary: Joyce Keith                                                                                  Dixie Ranger Editor: Clair Redmond                                                                                     


                                                                                                                            Event Planning: Nancy Sorrells



                                                                                                                            Membership/Web Master/Assistant Treasurer: Alan Pigg




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